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The other RED Meat

rich in protein; low in cholesterol; low in fat

The vast majority of alpacas/llamas raised are for their silky cashmere like fleece. But did you know you can also eat alpaca/llama meat?

True, within North America, alpacas/llamas are primarily bred for fiber, but meat and leather are two unique by-products from the alpaca livestock industry. It brings the entire farm experience full circle, making it 100% sustainable.

Camelid meat, better known as “La Viande” is one of the healthiest and most flavourful meat’s in the world.  It is described as a mild meat which takes on the flavour of what it’s mixed with. It is slightly salty, tender and lean, high in protein with no fatty after taste. Camelid meat is not only rich in proteins, but also low in fat & has the lowest level of cholesterol of any meat.


Here at Dare 2 Dream Alpaca Farm & Sandy Loam Produce, we believe and support the 100% sustainability. Our herd is the primary provider to our holistic gardening practices; they produce a wonderful ‘gold’ manure that promotes healthy crop growth and provide a fantastic pest control with the ‘not so good’ fibre, which is biodegradable. 
In addition, when an animal nears the end of its ‘quality life’, we facilitate an end of life that is free of possible hardship. Our livestock live a very healthy happy life right till the last day. We pride ourselves on this commitment.




Locally raised & locally fed at your local farm; locally processed at your local abattoir!     705-507-5152 or 705-918-2098

Updated June 02, 2019